Read what people are saying about our service, quality, and design.

"Wonderful, unique selection of clothing that is both conservative and fashionable. The prints are gorgeous, especially the ones based on ancient Chinese prints or Renaissance prints. The return policy excellent."

Snoopy2 from Orlando, Florida, August 2020

"Everything I have ever purchased from PC, mostly cotton tops and various sweaters, both cardigans and pullovers, fits well, is well made, and comes in lovely, interesting colors. Excellent value."

chris01 from Portland, OR, August 2020

"Consistent quality and value. Great customer service"

The Queen from San Antonio Texas, August 2020

"Everything I have ordered for years from Peruvian Connection is high quality. I have never been disappointed in the fit or value."

Big Bee from Florida, August 2020

"Although it runs just a bit large, it makes my heart sing. It is Pima cotton and will likely shrink a wee bit over time, so no worries."

sabish from Seattle, August 2020

"I love the style of clothing. Very complimentary and easy wear. Pieces also great for traveling."

Happy 519 from NC, August 2020

"Love your products, they are always quality and beautiful."

Soozf from Indianapolis, August 2020

"Quality products; reasonable prices; classic styles with personality"

Sunnie from Dallas, TX, August 2020

"The catalogs have gotten better and better over the years that I have been receiving them. Now the styles and fabrics are more contemporary and desirable."

clizzie from Seattle WA, August 2020

"I love the quality of your clothes. They last for years and fit me extremely well."

Not a spring chicken from The Palouse, Washington, August 2020

"The quality and originality of the textiles in Peruvian Connection clothing is so very original and not found in many places, besides the fact that they are NOT made in China. Most people I know are a lover of natural fibers and Textiles in general (as I am), and they are not very like to purchase clothing at these prices for the quality textiles. I also knit (& crochet/sew/tat), so I know what goes into the making of these products. However, I usually always highly recommend Peruvian Connection and how genuine and original your products are."

Dynaryder from McDonald, PA, August 2020

"Unique styles and prints. Great customer service!"

Dana995 from Los Angeles, August 2020

"Love the style and quality of the fabric. Beautiful clothes."

Madonnie from Shepherdstown, WVa, August 2020

"The Catalog is beautiful. There is no store near me and I like the uniqueness of the pieces."

LJHZ, August 2020

"Unique products with an artisan flair."

Dogs3 from South Texas, August 2020

"I love everything about Peruvian Connection, from your beautifully conceived clothing to your support of Peru’s textile artists."

Boots n Pima from Washington D.C., August 2020

"Your designs are unique. I know I won't be seeing them elsewhere. The fabrics, colors, textures and styles are gorgeous. Consistently."

DLK from Wisconsin, August 2020

"Peruvian has the most beautiful colors and fabric. It is one of the nicest stores I shop at on-line."

Little Mountain from Albany, NY, July 2020

"Can depend on the quality of the materials and the sewing. These clothes last forever. I'm right now wearing a top I bought from you guys when my son was in elementary school... he's now 30. Both top and son are in perfect shape!"

CynthiaCat from Washington, DC, July 2020

"I love the designs, colors and quality. I'm still wearing items I bought over 20 years ago."

peruvian fan from new hampshire, July 2020

"The sweaters I have bought from PC are items that I wear year after year, for anything but yard work! The quality and craftsmanship are top-notch."

KSfireant from KS, July 2020

"I would never hesitate to recommend PC to a friend. The products are superb!"

Bobbier from Ballston Lake, New York, July 2020

"I have been buying Peruvian Connection clothing for probably 10 years and love how the colors from one year somehow are in sync with shades in subsequent years. And the quality rarely if ever disappoints. I'm a big fan!"

Mallory from Tallahassee, Fl, July 2020

"I have bought my clothes from the Peruvian Connection for the last 20 years and have never been disappointed."

Renate from Fort Collins - Colorado, July 2020

"I love the fabric, colors and style. I have always loved old oriental rugs, the fabric reminds me of that."

Minerva from Rockwall, TX, July 2020

"I may be "older" but still like to look chic which is why I choose to shop with you."

Pam64, July 2020

"The styling is quite lovely and flattering. I always receive compliments when I wear Peruvian Connection clothing."

Shopper Sue from Connecticut, July 2020

"I love the quality and style of your clothing and appreciate the artistic talents of the designers and the Peruvian artists."

Kathryn Ann from Small Town Midwest, July 2020

"I teach law students, and I am older. Your clothes help me stay relevant, fashionable and interesting."

judybook from Jackson, MS, July 2020


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