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Slide 0: Star-Cut Stone And Leather Choker
The handmade necklace is strung with star-cut opalite wood on leather cording. Wood opalite is a type of petrified wood that has been impregnated with the silicon dioxide commonly known as opal. Wood opalite occurs in a range of colors, primarily earth tones, including browns, grays, and creams. Petrified wood is created through permineralization, which takes millions of years! Wood becomes covered with earth, decays and is exposed to mineral-rich water, creating stone in place of the wood.
Star-Cut Stone And Leather Choker
  • Length 14"
  • Opalite Wood, Leather
  • Made in USA
  • Slide 1: Shoreline Beads Necklace
    Handmade, long and layerable of frosted, pastel-hued glass and brass adds a touch of summer.
    Shoreline Beads Necklace
    Was: $89.00
    Now: $69.00
  • Length 37"
  • Labradorite, Faux Pearls, Brass
  • Made in USA
  • Slide 2: Treasure Trove Necklace
    The handmade and layerable necklace is a mix faceted amber hued and frosted purple glass beads.
    Treasure Trove Necklace
    Was: $79.00
    Now: $59.00
  • Length 30"
  • Glass and Brass Beads
  • Made in USA
  • Slide 3: Qala Amazonite Bead Necklace
    Hand-stamped brass lends primitive-modern appeal to the handmade amazonite necklace.
    Qala Amazonite Bead Necklace
  • Length 20"
  • Brass, Amazonite, Gold Filled Chain, 14k Gold Filled Clasp
  • Made in USA
  • Slide 4: Bodhisattva Pendant
    The faceted bead and stone necklace culminates with a cast brass Buddha medallion.
    Bodhisattva Pendant
  • Length 34"
  • Brass, Stone, Cotton Cord
  • Made in USA
  • Slide 5: Dragonfly Pendant
    Hand-painted for a weathered verdigris patina, a bronze dragonfly pendant swings from a long waxed cotton cord.
    Dragonfly Pendant
  • Length 32"
  • Bronze, Thread Cord
  • Made in Peru
  • Slide 6: Crystal Ball Necklace/Bracelet
    The strand of sparkling crystal beads is centered with a crystal ball magnetic clasp it can be worn long or layered.
    Crystal Ball Necklace/Bracelet
    Was: $149.00
    Now: $118.00
  • Length 51"
  • Chinese Crystals, Silk, Silver Crystal Clasp
  • Made in USA
  • Slide 7: Starlet Necklace
    The delicate sterling chain necklace is dotted with semiprecious stones and a gold-filled star with white topaz crystals.
    Starlet Necklace
    Was: $99.00
    Now: $79.00
  • Length 15 1/2"
  • Silver Plate, White Topaz, Labradorite, Natural Zircon, Rolled Gold
  • Made in USA
  • Slide 8: Volusia Suede Tassel Necklace
    The long necklace of wood beads, lepidolite stones and brass rings is tipped with a suede tassel.
    Volusia Suede Tassel Necklace
    Was: $149.00
    Now: $118.00
  • Length 27"
  • Wood, Lepidolite, Brass and Suede
  • Made in USA
  • Slide 9: Rose Beads Stretch Bracelet/Necklace
    The stretch wrap bracelet combines faceted moonstone in shades of pink, strung with cubic zirconia.
    Rose Beads Stretch Bracelet/Necklace
    Was: $99.00
    Now: $59.00
  • Length 18"
  • Moonstone, Gold Plated Brass, Cubic Zirconia
  • Made in USA