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Many extraordinary statement necklaces from Peruvian Connection's collection of fashion jewelry feature chic gemstone accents. In these necklaces for women, you'll find some of the most popular semiprecious stones, from earthy jasper to smoky quartz. Designs of Peruvian necklaces can feature beaded strands of gemstones or a gemstone pendant such as an amulet. Or try intriguing women's handcrafted necklaces featuring drops or clusters of different gemstones.

Wear luxe statement necklaces designed with gemstones in varying colors, and with captivating features. For necklaces for women who love jasper, look for women's handcrafted jewelry with jasper in red, green or brown hues. Eye-catching Peruvian necklaces with labradorite stones give off captivating iridescence. For other women's handcrafted necklaces that offer a bit of shimmer or sparkle, select our fashion jewelry featuring pyrite or moonstone.

We carry designer statement necklaces with the most popular gemstones. These extraordinary necklaces for women can feature lapis lazuli, jasper, labradorite or carnelian.

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Exotic statement necklaces often contain beaded strands or single amulets made of gemstones.

Artisan made statement necklaces from Peruvian Connection are handcrafted using the finest materials, many with unique touches, like alpaca necklaces with tassels created from pima cotton and baby alpaca wool. These necklaces for women feature gorgeous workmanship and one-of-a-kind style. Our Peruvian necklaces feature hand-embellished accents, inspired by global, exotic designs. In our women's handcrafted necklaces, you'll discover extraordinary details, including an array of desirable, gorgeous gemstones.

Look for eye catching statement necklaces boasting beads and pendants created with appealing semiprecious stones. Many necklaces for women feature beaded strands with stones such as hessonite, a type of garnet available in luscious shades of orange or brown, resulting in the nickname "cinnamon stone." Wear Peruvian necklaces peppered with jasper, a popular gemstone found in many colors of the rainbow. We offer some women's handcrafted necklaces with accents of sparkling pyrite, a stone commonly known as "fool's gold."

All of the statement necklaces at Peruvian Connection offer captivating style, and many include gemstones with iridescence, glow or other enchanting features. Some necklaces for women are accented with labradorite, a magical gemstone that can display incredible iridescence caused by internal fractures that reflect light. Try Peruvian necklaces designed with moonstone that offers a shimmer or luster that seems to move over beads and pendants. Wear women's handcrafted necklaces that feature quartz gemstones, such as smoky quartz, a rich brown variety popular in all types of women's handcrafted jewelry.

When looking for color, statement necklaces can be found with gemstones in beautiful hues. We have elegant necklaces for women featuring carnelian, a warm stone found in shades such as fiery orange-reds and red hues with brown influences. For brilliant blues, try Peruvian necklaces accented with lapis lazuli, an opaque blue gemstone containing details of calcite and pyrite. And some popular women's handcrafted necklaces contain the timeless favorite, turquoise, typically a blue-green stone, yet often available in other colors such as yellow, depending on where the stone is mined.  
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