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Peruvian Connection - Luxury Alpaca and Peruvian Pima Clothing for Women & Men

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Peruvian Artisan Bracelets, Alpaca Bracelets & Women's Handcrafted Jewelry

For artisan made women's bracelets that boast global appeal, look to the women's handcrafted jewelry from Peruvian Connection. Our extraordinary handcrafted bracelets come from exotic countries around the world. In addition to women's Peruvian bracelets, we offer wearable art from countries such as Argentina, Guatemala, India, Thailand and the United States. Created by artisans, this fashion jewelry represents various cultures, and the time-honored techniques used to craft them.

In our unique women's bracelets, look for intriguing details such as handwoven dyed textiles and distinctive baby Alpaca wool. Many handcrafted bracelets are accented with bone or horn beads, and even ceramic components. Most women's Peruvian bracelets are drenched in rich colors and display a tapestry of unique woven designs. With fashion jewelry such as cuffs, beaded strands and bangles to choose from, you'll find a variety of ways to show of this jewelry, from wearing a single bracelet to a stack.

Wear women's bracelets that are one-of-a-kind. Our global-chic handcrafted bracelets offer the best craftsmanship from artisans in various countries.

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Our women's bracelets can feature woven textiles, metals and an array of beads.

Offering unique style, women's bracelets from Peruvian Connection represent many cultures from around the globe. These extraordinary handcrafted bracelets are wearable art, and many are inspired by textile traditions. We offer women's Peruvian bracelets and women's handcrafted jewelry created by artisans in other countries. In our fashion jewelry collection, we offer exotic bracelets hand-designed by artists in countries such as Argentina, Guatemala, Thailand and India.

Like our women's clothing, these women's bracelets include designs crafted with unique textiles, and many can be alpaca bracelets made with baby alpaca wool. Some handcrafted bracelets feature leather, wood or ceramic components in colorful mosaics. Look for women's Peruvian bracelets with wool dyed in the Andean village of Chahuaytire. Or try fashion jewelry bracelets made in Guatemala, woven with colorful glass beads and metallic threads.

The best women's bracelets are those with a story to tell, and Peruvian Connection sources top quality women's handcrafted jewelry from artisans in villages and cities that use time-honored traditions in their crafts. Many handcrafted bracelets are one-of-a-kind, and offer distinctive appeal that can't be found in common retail stores. Our women's Peruvian bracelets are works of art, offering global-chic for women who want the very best craftsmanship. In our fashion jewelry collection, look for eye-catching bracelets saturated in rich hues, accented with bright beads and woven with intriguing color-drenched textiles.

Appreciate the details of women's bracelets that feature handwoven alpaca wool in cuff designs with button closures. Try multi-strand handcrafted bracelets strung with gems, bone and horn that double as necklaces. Stack women's Peruvian bracelets with metal bangles and beaded wraps for the ultimate in boho-chic style. And find eco-friendly fashion jewelry such as simply elegant bangles crafted from reclaimed metal.
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