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Give the gift of handcrafted jewelry for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions. The artisanal women's jewelry from Peruvian Connection offers something for all types of women, whether they prefer global chic Peruvian necklaces or dangle earrings in timeless designs. Look for elegant women’s fashion jewelry in vintage-inspired styles featuring sparkling glass or gemstones to offer for an anniversary or Valentine's Day. Or choose Peruvian jewelry in earthy, sculptural styles to give to someone special during the holidays.

Pair pieces of handcrafted jewelry together for gifts, whether matching dangle earrings with bracelets, or Peruvian rings with statement necklaces. Our artisan made women's jewelry is also a smart complement to our women's clothing. This unique women’s fashion jewelry is sourced from around the globe and displays the beauty of different cultures. Designer Peruvian jewelry makes a unique gift that women both young and old will appreciate as wearable art.

Give gorgeous handcrafted jewelry as gifts for special occasions. Our artisan made women's jewelry features woven textiles, beaded accents and metal designs.

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We carry contemporary handcrafted jewelry, from oversized Peruvian rings to cascading statement necklaces.

Unique handcrafted jewelry from Peruvian Connection makes thoughtful gifts for women of all ages. This artisan women's jewelry includes Peruvian necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings that display the artistic talent of cultures around the globe. Give our women’s fashion jewelry to family and friends during the holidays or for other special occasions. They'll appreciate artisanal Peruvian jewelry that boats designs and materials not found in conventional retail jewelry.

Try offering exotic handcrafted jewelry as gifts for birthdays. Gorgeous women's jewelry crafted by hand with time-honored traditions is a smart choice for women who appreciate fair trade items and eco-friendly products. Some of our women’s fashion jewelry is created using handwoven textiles such as sustainable baby alpaca wool or pima cotton. And often Peruvian jewelry is crafted using reclaimed metal or natural elements such as horn, gemstones, pearls or shell.

Offer boho-chic handcrafted jewelry with vintage-inspired designs to women for special occasions like graduations. Women's jewelry such as dangle earrings with sparkling faceted beads or Peruvian rings with faceted gems is just right to offer on anniversaries or Valentine's Day. Women's fashion jewelry, such as cuff or bangle bracelets, adds artisanal flair to your outfits, while our simply elegant drop earrings provide a sophisticated touch to your clothing. When it comes to Peruvian jewelry, all women are impressed with the handcrafted detail and distinctive designs of Peruvian Connection jewelry.

Try pairing handcrafted jewelry items to offer as a gift to someone special. Look for women's jewelry such as elaborate dangle earrings and mixed media cuff bracelets. Or match women’s fashion jewelry like single tassel Peruvian necklaces with oversized rings. Our Peruvian jewelry offers something for every woman, whether they prefer timeless classics, ethnic textiles or boho-chic designs.
Products 13 - 24 of 82