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Peruvian Home Decor

Alpaca Blankets & Throw Blanket, Alpaca Rugs, Peruvian Home Decor

Our Peruvian home decor is inspired by modern and vintage designs that offer a one-of-a-kind style. Our alpaca blankets, alpaca rugs and alpaca throw blanket collections are meticulously handcrafted of the finest grades of wool for the most exquisite feel and look.

Choose Peruvian home decor to bring global inspiration to your favorite rooms, creating the earthy yet sophisticated feel of a seasoned traveler who has picked up blankets, throws and rugs along exotic routes. Our alpaca blankets and alpaca rugs are inspired by textile traditions and imbued with spice-market hues to give these handcrafted accessories a timeless style. Our alpaca throw blankets belong on every chair and bed in the house, wrapping you and your guests in luxurious softness.

Choose Peruvian home decor for luxuriously soft alpaca blankets, alpaca rugs and other Peruvian accessories. Our exquisite alpaca throw blanket, rug and other Peruvian home decor selections offer vintage-inspired modern designs for sophisticated accessories.

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Peruvian home decor will transform your home with luxuriously soft alpaca rugs and alpaca throw blankets. Our alpaca blankets and rugs are artisan-made of the finest grade of wool for exceptional quality.

Peruvian home decor transforms your home with luxurious alpaca blankets, rugs and throws. Our sophisticated Peruvian home decor also features vases that are reminiscent of Peruvian textiles and trays with Moorish influences. Our eclectic alpaca rugs and alpaca throw blanket selections are meticulously handcrafted of the softest alpaca wool and other luxurious materials for an elegant accent piece that is globally inspired. These vintage-inspired Peruvian home decor selections offer modern sensibilities for one-of-a-kind home decor for the living room or bedroom.

Select a handcrafted alpaca throw blanket for your sofa and lay down a eye-catching rug to for artisan-made home decor that adds warmth to your home. Then accent with our earthy vases for Peruvian home decor that offers timeless style. Our alpaca blankets, rugs and other home decor ensure you never have to settle for ordinary. Our Peruvian home decor weaves together vintage and modern designs for gorgeous decor. After adding Peruvian blankets, rugs and vases to your home, add the same sophistication to your wardrobe with our endlessly wearable women's clothing.

Peruvian home decor instantly adds one-of-a-kind style to any room in your house. Choose alpaca blankets inspired by traditional Aymara ponchos or a throw blanket meticulously handcrafted of luxury fibers to create tactile perfection. With alpaca rugs on your floors and and alpaca throw blanket tossed over a chair or bed, your rooms will exude laid-back luxury, welcoming family and visitors to enjoy a relaxed day or evening at home. Dressed in our women's clothing, you will be the perfect hostess in modern- and vintage-inspired women's dresses, sweaters and skirts every bit as eye-catching as your home decor.

Whether you are shopping Peruvian home decor or women's clothing, you will find unique accessories and separates to fill your rooms and closets with sophisticated style. Globally inspired alpaca blankets and alpaca rugs give your home a carefully curated look - one of a sophisticated traveler who has an eye for exquisite quality. An alpaca throw blanket makes home all the more sweeter. So shop Peruvian home decor for your rooms, then pick blankets, vases and rugs for wedding or holiday gifts that will remind loved ones how much you care year after year.
Products 1 - 12 of 29