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Peruvian Connection - Luxury Alpaca and Peruvian Pima Clothing for Women & Men

Antler Dagger Necklace
Antler Dagger Necklace
Antler Dagger Necklace Antler Dagger Necklace Women's Designer Artisan Necklaces, Handmade Fashion Necklaces & Handcrafted Necklaces Antler Dagger women's artisan necklaces make a fashion statement. The meticulously handmade necklaces feature a carved antler dagger swinging form a brass chain for gorgeous fashion necklaces. n/a n/a

With Antler Dagger women's artisan necklaces, go boho chic.

Earthy Antler Dagger women's artisan necklaces are sure to be statement pieces. These meticulously handmade necklaces are perfect for adding interest to polished business ensembles. And the fashion necklaces go with your boho chic outfits for nights out with friends. The handcrafted necklaces are endlessly wearable women's fashion jewelry.

Antler Dagger Necklace, Designer Necklaces

Women's Handmade Necklaces, Handcrafted Necklaces & Fashion Necklaces

Slip on these women's artisan necklaces for striking women's fashion jewelry. Mix and match the fashion necklaces with your favorite other women's jewelry.

Pair these handmade necklaces with other fashion jewelry from our collection. These women's artisan necklaces are effortlessly chic.

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