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Coral And Brass Bead Bracelet
Coral And Brass Bead Bracelet
Coral And Brass Bead Bracelet Coral And Brass Bead Bracelet Artisan Fashoin Bracelets, Handmade Brass Bracelets & Handcrafted Boho Bracelets These artisan bracelets are sure to be favorites. The handmade bracelets feature earthy elegance, and the fashion bracelets easily pair with our other boho jewelry. $59.00

Have these artisan bracelets in your collection to add boho style.

These artisan bracelets are endlessly wearable baubles. Pair the handmade bracelets with other best handcrafted jewelry from our collection to complete your boho chic ensembles. The fashion bracelets are meticulously handcrafted for gorgeous results. Also take the best boho bracelets along on vacations and business trips to have the right boho accessories for any moment.

Coral And Brass Bead Bracelet

Handmade Bracelets, Fashion Bracelets & Handcrafted Boho Bracelets

Stand out with artisan bracelets from our collection of boho jewelry that is wear-everywhere. The handmade bracelets are meticulously made with the earthy tones. Slip on the fashion bracelets with tees and jeans to run errands. And wear the handmade bracelets to bring boho chic style to your favorite little black dresses.

Mix and match artisan bracelets with favorite jewelry in your collection. The handmade bracelets also complement the other boho chic jewelry in our collection.

Smooth red coral beads lead to a unique brass ring and goat's head clasp.
  • One size
  • Length 8"
  • Red Coral, Recycled Brass Clasp
  • Made in USA
  • Product Item # Qty Price
    Coral And Brass Bead Bracelet H20029 $59.00
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