Read what people are saying about our service, quality, and design.

"Quality is spot on! I keep thinking of that marvelous cotton growing up in the Andes and how I am so lucky to own it!"

Chic from South Florida, November 2020

"Unique high quality pieces. Will last a long time."

Gigi88 from Katy, TX, November 2020

"Love the design, material and workmanship"

BB from Vermont, November 2020

"Quality of clothing is exceptional, unique and well made."

MK2828 from Canandaigua NY, November 2020

"Unique, in my location no one else will have it. The quality is great as well."

AnitaC from Lockwood, CA, November 2020

"Good quality. Your catalogue and website are fun to look at, one needs these distractions these days. Like that you have a theme to your collections. Again, pure fun to look at."

CP2 from Tucson, Arizona, November 2020

"Your clothing lets my imagination wander."

twe from Pacific Northwest, November 2020

"I love the quality as well as the fact that the clothes are all a bit artsy, different and fun. I'm from the Netherlands, lived in Germany, England and France too and am used to European style clothes."

Artsygal from Washington-DC, November 2020

"I have bought many items from Peruvian Connection and will continue doing so. Beautiful, high-quality handwoven material and gorgeous, intricate designs make their products unique and artistic.  No other company can compare to this one."

SherryK from Denver, CO, November 2020

"Great company and great product. Enjoyed the in-store experience when I lived in Santa Fe but now I am in Oregon and buy online. At least I can do that! :)"

Ky from Oregon, November 2020

"I always appreciate the very different styles, and items you offer. Sometimes it’s just a new twist you’ve added to an old standard that makes it so special. Thanks. Especially love love dresses with pockets!"

Kkdd from Mpls, MN, November 2020

"The creative, unique designs that can't be found anywhere else! The friendly and responsive customer service! The thoughtful and careful way each purchase is packaged (contrast this with manner in which well known retailer throws item in plastic bag so it is a crumpled mess upon delivery). And of course the quality of the garments."

PC Fan from Austin, TX, November 2020

"Your clothes are great quality, the fabrics have beautiful vibrant colors. I love all the different kinds of patterns you have and the fit is true to size. They do not run small and tight. Great Fit and Great clothes. I would order one of everything if I could afford it."

Sandee Vasquez from Boise, Id., November 2020

"Timeless designs, exciting textiles"

Shelley 63 from Woodland CA, November 2020

"Good quality and value, interesting styles, excellent customer service."

StephiJ from Northern VA, November 2020

"Peruvian Connection offers beautiful clothes at an affordable price."

KBS from Reno, NV, November 2020

"1st purchase, worth every penny."

KRVL from Madison, NJ, November 2020

"Love the quality, wearability, & styles."

Jan52 from Fremont, Ohio, October 2020

"Lovely selection of fabrics and styles never seen elsewhere"

NancyL from Atlanta, GA, October 2020

"I enjoy the difference in your products. You don’t see them coming and going. They are beautiful and unique. Keep up the great work."

Kkd from Mpls, MN, October 2020

"I have shopped with Peruvian for years. I love the look and quality."

Frequent Flyer from Albuquerque, NM, October 2020

"Unique quality clothing that looks good on women of any age."

Linda R from Covina, CA, October 2020

"I have shopped with Peruvian Connection for many years. The quality of the products is excellent. I keep them for years and they show little wear."

Loralyn from Occidental, CA, October 2020

"Your clothes are of an excellent quality. I think I get great value for my money, and your clothes are distinctive -- not generic."

Miss G from Oregon, October 2020

"Clothes are beautiful and different from the run of the mill found everywhere else. Love the alpaca, wool and Pima yarns."

Maineah, October 2020

"The clothes are classy but oh so unique. I feel like an individual with my own style. Fresh, fun but always appropriate."

Tj from OK, October 2020

"Construction and fabric are superb. Love the dropped flounced hem. very flattering"

Satisfied customer from Fargo, ND, October 2020

"love your timeless, creative and unusual styles nd fabrics. very feminine."

Paula78 from Fairfax, Virginia, October 2020

"Each item I purchased is elegant, good quality, beautiful design, very stylish!"

Jacqui from Flint, MI, October 2020


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