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"Most of your clothes are natural fibers and good quality. Interesting designs especially in the winter clothing."

Jazz singer from Salem, OR, June 2019

"Quality clothing, fun options!"

Kiera Flame Tea from Missoula, Montana, June 2019

"Your products are always well made and beautiful."

cooper from Spokane, WA, June 2019

"Excellent products and service."

Shedridt from Greenville, DE, June 2019

"Peruvian Connection has quality and unique clothing and accessories."

Linda24 from Long Island, NY, June 2019

"Wonderful clothing designs with beautiful colors!"

Jo Jo from Brainerd, Minnesota, June 2019

"Lived in Peru on the 70’s. Love the memories each time I wear PC"

Singingjul from Chad, SC, June 2019

"Quality items that last and you can't find everywhere."

Graceful Fox from California, June 2019

"Excellent customer service, prompt shipping and beautiful selection of clothing."

rlbsandiego from San Diego, June 2019

"I’ve bought many items from PC and love them"

SueWill from Worcester, MA, June 2019

"I love the style, fabrics, and quality of your products. Too, I don't look like everyone else when I wear one of your outfits!"

Leegirl55 from Santa Barbara, CA, June 2019

"Peruvian quality is superb and superior to other clothing labels. The company stands behind what they sell, and treats its customers with respect dignity. Much appreciated."

Penny from North Carolina, June 2019

"Interesting designs, lovely fabrics, prompt service, reasonable prices"

AnnieShops from Los Osos, CA, June 2019

"The quality is excellent and the styles are classic."

Greatjacketmm from Connecticut, June 2019

"Unique, high quality clothing that never goes out of fashion"

Jules66 from Salt Lake City, June 2019

"Just fantastic clothes and wonderful sales women manning your phones.. Thank you."

Lisala from Glen, NH, June 2019

"I have been purchasing from Peruvian Connection for 20 years. The clothes are beautifully crafted and timeless. The customer service is top notch. Offering free repairs is fabulous and your onsite seamstress is exceptional! I have never been disappointed with any of your products. Thank you so much for making me smile!"

Pinkiesup from Florida, June 2019

"wonderful merchandise, elegant, sporty and a special selection for people who like to be special dressed"

Ingrid living in the US from Bethesda, MD, June 2019

"The products are high quality, well made, timeless, great fabrics (knits). They last a long time - I have tops that are maybe 12-15 years old and I still wear them."

Selma from San Diego, CA, June 2019

"Wonderful styles that flatter my figure. I always get compliments when I wear Peruvian Connection!!"

Jo Jo from Brainerd, Minnesota, June 2019

"Great products; good price points and you don’t see the products everywhere!!"

Retired principal from Dodge City, Kansas, May 2019

"This company’s products are consistently of excellent quality in both materials and workmanship. Many items are moderately priced and all of them are beautiful."

Diane from Appleton, WI, May 2019

"Peruvian Connection has beautiful and beautifully made clothing and accessories. Actually, I have a sweater, a purchase for the '80's, for which I still get compliments!"

Loie from Muncy, PA, May 2019

"Unique offerings not seen on everyone, that are stylish, but won't ever go out of style because they aren't "in.""

Jules66 from Salt Lake City, May 2019

"Have shopped with you since you began. Love the fibers, designs and quality. Keep it coming!"

Janet, May 2019

"Always wonderful, quality clothing, with a timeless flair."

Dudleys Mom from Hamburg, NJ, May 2019

"Well actually, I don't want everyone to look like me, which is one reason I choose Peruvian. But, yes, i definitely would recommend you to a friend. I want Peruvian to be here forever!"

Sal13 from Savannah, GA, May 2019