Read what people are saying about our service, quality, and design.

"To me it is the best quality of cotton and love the design. Not old fashion, simply nice."

Nici from Bethesda, MD, February 2021

"Styles and fabrics are beautiful, and quality is excellent."

VacayGirl from Syracuse, NY, February 2021

"Natural fabrics, wool, cotton, pima. Beautiful styles, unique lace/knit dresses and cardigans."

CH A from New York, February 2021

"I like PC for good quality, high end purchases, not found in department stores. I love that their color palettes often mix and match well!"

Brie Marie from Florida, February 2021

"Have always enjoyed my Peruvian Connection clothes! Unique styles and patterns."

Mona from Bay Area, CA, February 2021

"Gorgeous clothing and extremely well made. Price reflects the value you receive."

Levy from Durham, North Carolina, February 2021

"PC has the best quality fashions available for online shopping."

Brunnhilde from San Diego, CA, February 2021

"I absolutely love all your products.  Great packaging too!"

chrisz4 from Montpelier, VT, February 2021

"Great customer service. Great value. Clothing wears well. Washes well."

Barbie doll from Minnesota, February 2021

"All of my purchases from PC have been high quality and great experiences."

kmccormac from North Hills, CA, February 2021

"Clothing materials are always high quality. The patterns and construction accent each piece."

Aldene from St. George, UT, February 2021

"Your styles are always interesting, and the quality of the workmanship is superb. I love everything I buy from you."

Broadway Baby from Walnut Creek, CA, January 2021

"Excellent clothing that will last and can be combined with so many other items and looks.  Thank you!"

NancyT5 from Phoenix, AZ, January 2021

"Great apparel, can easily mix and match!"

Brie Marie from Florida, January 2021

"I always look for something a little different and Peruvian offers that! Fun designs and great fabrics."

Schoffy from Colorado, January 2021

"Great quality in all types of clothing, not trendy so they can be worn for a long time."

SaraCN from Chicago, IL, January 2021

"You can never lose on a purchase from PC! The craftsmanship and the uniqueness of their products are incredibly handsome!"

Tessica from Woodstock, NY, January 2021

"The clothes are high quality, the site and checkout were easy to navigate and the shipping time was reasonable (especially during a pandemic). I was skeptical on the premium prices, but once I received the jacket my opinion is your items are worth every penny!"

Divegerl from Albany, NY, January 2021

"Peruvian Connection has unique, classic, gorgeous clothes in colors and fabrics that are rich and excellent."

Elizabethbennett from Raleigh, NC, January 2021

"The style of this company is easily fashionable without being trendy. These styles can go anywhere."

Helene from California, January 2021


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