Arthur Zaczkiewicz
May 22, 2018
Women's Wear Daily May 2018

When Armed With Salesfloor Technology, Store Associates Drive Sales Up

After the first 30 days of implementation, sales showed a 25 percent gain.

When store associates at Peruvian Connection were given Salesfloor‘s platform to help facilitate online shopping with in-store customers, sales rose significantly, according to a case study by the companies today.

The technology allowed the retailer to deliver a higher level of personalization while creating a more seamless experience between the web site and the physical store.

The study revealed that in the 30 days following the implementation of the platform, "store associates were empowered to serve customers online and in-store," which "created a 25 percent increase in sales," report authors said. Researchers at Salesfloor said in the case study that the luxury fashion brand wanted to "address the challenge many retailers currently face: how can their associates connect and serve their online shopper while bringing them back in-store?"

Peruvian Connection, founded in 1976, offers "globally inspired" women’s fashion apparel as well as jewelry and accessories. Price points for dresses run from about $100 to $300 and up, while its famed Alpaca coats range from $500 to $800. The fashion retailer operates seven stores and drives sales via its website. Locations include New York, Chicago, and Boston.

The retailer deployed the platform in the first quarter of this year, and the company said "associates using Salesfloor saw a rapid adoption rate from both associates and customers, contributing to higher in-store sales, AOV [average order value] and new customer acquisitions."

Kay Moini, Vice President of Retail at Peruvian Connection, described the platform as the "solution we’ve been looking for."

"It empowers our associates to serve customers online and in-store," Moini said, adding that it also allows for a "true omnichannel experience for our customers." During the initial 30-day run, average order value rose 32 percent, while new customer acquisitions increased by 20 percent and online conversion rates quadrupled.

Ben Rodier, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of Salesfloor, described the implementation of the platform as having an "overnight impact on sales and conversions."

Salesfloor said in a statement that in building a deeper relationship with their customers, "associates have been better equipped to provide more personalized recommendations, reach out to customers at the right time and get more returning customers than ever."

Salesfloor, which operates from New York, Montreal and London, counts Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Kiehl’s and Ann Taylor, among others, as its clients.