ELUXE MAGAZINE | September 2019

By: Arwa Lodhi

10+ Ethical Sweater Brands For A Cozy 2019

Hate the cold? These ethical sweater brands will keep you cosy all winter!

Colder weather means warmer clothing. But somehow, knitwear can be a bit same-ish. Cable knit, V-neck, cardigans or round neck seem to be the typical choices. Yawn.

On the other hand, it seems at Christmas time, here in the UK at least – people go a bit crazy with the knitwear: reindeer jumpers and snowflake sweaters feature pretty prominently. Yipes!

But never fear – there is a middle ground between ‘yawn’ or ‘yipes’. Modern ethical sweater brands are creating knitwear that includes reinterpretations of the classic sweater styles – think of crew necks with puffed sleeves, cropped sweaters with interesting patterns, or cardigans with oversized buttons, for example.

And the best part? The materials used by these ethical sweater brands includes everything from humanely sourced alpaca to organic cotton and more.

Sure, those yarns may cost a bit more, but you know what? A good sweater is an investment piece. It should go well with every bottom in your wardrobe, from jeans to skirts, and should last for decades. Frankly, you’re better off with one or two great, natural fibre jumpers that will last for decades and add a bit of sophistication to your outfit than a closet full of acrylic crap that looks cheap and ruins the planet. Just my humble opinion!

Peruvian Connection Ethnic Cool

Peru is full of some wonderful natural materials – namely alpaca and Pima cotton, which is non- GMO and which uses a minimum of chemicals, so no wonder Peruvian Connection bases their collections on these yarns. Their styles bring a touch of Peruvian tradition to their garments, without being over-the-top ‘ethnic’.

Prices: From $70 for a cotton sweater to around $300 for an alpaca poncho