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Peruvian Connection - Luxury Alpaca and Peruvian Pima Clothing for Women & Men

Women's Wool Coats & Boho Leather Jackets

Alpaca Travel Coats, Luxury Cotton Jackets & Designer Wool Jackets

With our sophisticated women's winter coats, you will have go-anywhere fashion. Our elegant women's wool coats are handcrafted of luxuriously soft baby alpaca wool with global inspiration. Our luxe leather jackets and women's outerwear made of pima cotton are also handcrafted by artisans for versatile styles that are endlessly wearable. When the weather warms slip on our spring jackets, including our cropped jackets and other lightweight jackets, for luxurious style that is business-ready.

Vintage inspired, our women's winter coats and jackets borrow from timeless classics, but with updates for a modern designer look that will make these wardrobe staples favorites this season and beyond. Choose women's wool coats, sweater jackets, and leather jackets with the timeless silhouettes of our maxi and rider coat styles, the relaxed sophistication of our ponchos and kimonos and the flattering lines of our sweater coats and leather jackets. Choose women's alpaca coats from our women's outerwear line for a polished look no matter your style, be it boho, modern or vintage. After browsing our women's winter coats, shop for women's clothing in complementary designs and color palettes.

Our go-anywhere women's winter coats are essential wardrobe staples this winter. These artisan-made women's wool coats and leather jackets feature luxuriously warm women's outerwear that keeps you warm all winter. As spring thaw sets in, select from our lightweight jackets that are business-ready.

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Sophisticated women's winter coats feature luxuriously soft women's wool coats, as well as luxe leather jackets. Choose our globally inspired women's alpaca coats for one-of-a-kind women's outerwear this winter and browse our lightweight jackets as the winter thaws.

Our women's winter coats offer timeless silhouettes with their sublime styles. Our luxuriously soft women's wool coats feature the warmest baby alpaca wool with globally inspired styles for sophisticated designs that offer artisanal flair. We also have supple leather jackets that are boho-chic for go-anywhere fashion. Select these women's alpaca coats and other women's outerwear of pima cotton, leather and other gorgeous natural materials for endlessly wearable art.

Our sophisticated women's winter coats feature a variety of styles, from Victorian morning coats to long wool decades coats to knit coats that are go-anywhere. Our business-ready women's wool coats are essential as the temperature dips below freezing. And, our leather jackets, cropped jackets and other lightweight jackets are a gorgeous choice for fall and spring. All of our women's alpaca coats and other women's outerwear complete polished ensembles that are versatile enough for everyday and special events.

Slip into our women's winter coats to feel the luxe that comes with gorgeous workmanship, beginning with luxury fibers chosen for their velvety smooth touch or textural interest and finishing with exquisite detailing, much of it meticulously handcrafted. Now the mirror test: women's wool coats with this quality of craftsmanship can’t help but be eye catching. Our leather jackets and women's alpaca coats take their cues from classic designs for timeless styling. Yet, our women's outwear is decidedly modern for effortless style this season and beyond.

Pair our women's winter coats with our women's dresses, shirt, sweaters and skirts for polished ensembles. Even women's wool coats with the relaxed tailoring of our ponchos and kimonos have a sophisticated look that is the hallmark of women's clothing. So browse our leather jackets, sweater jackets, and women's alpaca coats to find the women's outerwear that captures your style, be it modern or vintage, boho or chic. Then choose women's dresses, skirts, sweaters and skirts for perfect pairings.
Items 1 - 12 of 78