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Verdigris Brass Cuff
Verdigris Brass Cuff
Verdigris Brass Cuff Verdigris Brass Cuff Women's Cuff Bracelets, Handmade Bracelets, Designer & Fashion Bracelets These women's cuff bracelets are meticulously hand-forged brass wrapped with waxed cord for must-have earthy designer bracelets. The handmade bracelets are artisan-created in Argentina. $19.00 $29.00

Women's cuff bracelets add boho chic style to your ensembles.

Verdigris Brass Cuff Bracelets are an earthy addition to any ensemble. The rustic women's cuff bracelets offer a globally inspired take on fashion accessories that make these bracelets statement pieces. The handmade bracelets are meticulously hand-forged in Argentina with brass and waxed cotton cord. The designer boho bracelets add distinctive style to any ensemble. add distinctive style to any ensemble.

Verdigris Brass Cuff Bracelets

Women's Handmade Cuff Bracelets & Designer Bracelets

Verdigris Brass Cuff Bracelets are easy to pack for vacations and business trips. Wear these women's cuff bracelets with your favorite business ensembles and casual outfits for a boho chic finish.

Verdigris women's cuff bracelets are endlessly wearable fashion accessories. Pair the handmade bracelets with our favorite other designer jewelry.

Wrapped with waxed cord, the patinaed brass cuff is hand-forged.
  • One size, adjustable
  • Width 1/2"; Length 6 1/2"
  • Brass, Waxed Cotton Cord
  • Made in Argentina
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    Verdigris Brass Cuff V70257 $29.00 $19.00
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