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Peruvian Connection - Luxury Alpaca and Peruvian Pima Clothing for Women & Men

Sábado Striped Tote
Sábado Striped Tote
Sábado Striped Tote Sábado Striped Tote & Handbags for Women Boho Tote Bags, Handmade Wool Totes & Women's Handcrafted Accessories Our designer tote bags are endlessly useful for everyday and travel. The designer boho totes are designed to last, and the handmade wool totes are created with global inspiration. $39.00 $49.00

These wool tote bags are endlessly useful when you're on vacation.

Colorful boho tote bags are essentials for travel adventures. Take the designer tote bags to tropical destinations, and carry your favorite book, suntan lotion and other essentials to the beach in these casual tote bags. Also take the handmade wool totes on shopping adventures on vacations to Prague, London or Tokyo, and use the totes to carry found treasures. The fashion tote bags will come in handy, no matter your destination.

Sábado Striped Tote, Luxury Totes

Handmade Wool Totes, Fashion Tote Bags & Boho Travel Bags

Remember these handmade wool tote bags for everyday adventures. The designer fashion totes are essential when you're gathering up all the essentials as you head out for a trip to the local pool. Have the handmade wool totes with you as you go to the park, and have all the basics, from a good book to read to suntan lotion. The colorful fashion tote bags are just the beginning of our accessories that make life easier and more beautiful.

Our designer tote bags are must-haves for easily carrying essentials. These luxury totes are also endlessly chic with vibrant colors and patterns.

The artisan-woven wool tote is patterned in earthy geometrics and graphic bands; pompom tassel corners.
  • Height 15", Width 14", Length Strap 32"
  • 100% Wool
  • Made in Peru
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    Sábado Striped Tote A10823 $49.00 $39.00
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      Wilmington DE
      Gender: Female
      Age: 65+
      Occupation: Healthcare
      Jul 1, 2018
      Sadly, I returned it.
      " So good looking! But the straps were longer than expected, felt s bit sloppy, and the fabric was itchy. "
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