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Buddha Hand Necklace
Buddha Hand Necklace
Buddha Hand Necklace Buddha Hand Necklace Women's Buddha Necklaces, Peruvian Cord Necklaces & Handcrafted Fashion Jewelry Buddha Hand Necklaces are golden cord necklaces featuring a Buddha hand and an amethyst briolette. Wear women's handcrafted necklaces with other artisan-made fashion jewelry pieces for a look of wearable art. n/a n/a

Buddha Hand Necklaces & Peruvian Necklaces

Women's Handcrafted Necklaces, Cord Necklaces, Peruvian Necklaces & Fashion Jewelry

A brass Buddha hand joins an amethyst briolette on the golden cord necklace.
  • Length 19"
  • Brass, Amethyst, Cord
  • Made in USA
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    Buddha Hand Necklace T00067 n/a n/a
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      Gender: Female
      Dec 11, 2015
      " Expensive, but so much better than the picture. It has a gold chain - not a cord - and it shimmers like tiny beads. The amethyst fits in the palm of the Buddha hand when you wear it. So many people noticed and commented how nice it is. "
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