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Peruvian Connection - Luxury Alpaca and Peruvian Pima Clothing for Women & Men

Biddy's Sweater Coat
Biddy's Sweater Coat
Biddy's Sweater Coat Biddy's Sweater Coat, Sweater Jackets Winter Sweater Jackets, Long Travel Sweaters & Women's Cardigan Sweaters These versatile long winter cardigans make ideal fall sweater jackets and warm, winter sweater jackets. You'll appreciate warm travel sweaters with luxurious and eye-catching baby alpaca fur trim – and so will everyone else who sees the long alpaca sweaters. $550.00

Biddy's Sweater Coat, Long Winter Cardigans

Warm Travel Sweaters, Fall Sweater Jackets & Women's Knit Sweaters

Never have long winter cardigans looked so glamorous and felt so good. Warm travel sweaters like Biddy's Sweater Coats are trimmed with silky-soft baby alpaca fur -- and it's a fur you feel good about wearing, as alpaca fiber is sustainable and eco-friendly. Plus, the fall sweater jackets are entirely handcrafted with soft alpaca fiber, known also for it's warmth. These women's knit sweaters offer complete versatility, too, as you can wear them with long dresses and skirts, or pull the warm sweater jackets over jeans.

Pair the long winter cardigans with boots and a designer hat for stand-out style. In solid colors, the warm travel sweaters complement clothing with bright prints or patterns.

The birthday present that started it all, the design behind the creation of Peruvian Connection. Long lined and irresistible as ever in pure alpaca, lavished with luxe alpaca fur trim. Rib knit through the waist for an hourglass fit; hook closures.
  • XS-XL
  • Fit: Fitted
  • 100% Alpaca
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Made in Peru
  • 43"
  • You'll want to wear long winter cardigans like the Biddy with everything in your closet.

    Get effortless style with long winter cardigans like Biddy's Sweater Coats from Peruvian Connection. These warm travel sweaters are unmatched in style, and offer the exquisite softness and warmth of 100% alpaca fiber. The stylish fall sweater jackets provide flattering, semi-fitted style, and you can wear the long alpaca sweaters open, or close them with the hook-and-eye fasteners. And as women's knit sweaters in neutral colors they're travel-ready, and ready to pair with everything from leggings and jeans to skirts and dresses.
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      The Green People
      Kansas City, Missouri
      Gender: Female
      Age: 55-64
      Occupation: Other
      Jan 17, 2017
      A Story Come Full Circle
      " Greetings to All of You at Peruvian Connection! This story is especially for Annie and Biddy . . . I have been blessed to have been born and raised in the same community as Peruvian Connection. A Peruvian Connection customer since the very beginning, I remember when the catalogs were newspaper print with a swatch of woven alpaca attached with each one. My first Peruvian Connection purchase was a matching alpaca sweater and skirt that I wore to a friend's wedding . . . I still have it. I remember my first trip to the farm when we could go there to pick up orders or look at samples. When I moved to Asia for 13 years, my mother would include my Peruvian Connection catalogs in my monthly care packages. (Side note, my love of fine fashion is genetic . . . my grandmother was a talented seamstress (she sewed for the Thomas Hart Benton Family among others) and my mother won the State of Missouri 4H Award for Tailoring in 1943.) Alpaca worked well when I would go to China and Tibet or Europe or Canada and the U.S. in the winter for projects . . . after living all that time near the equator made me a Cold Whimp! Now to the subject and purpose of this email . . . I have long heard the story of "Biddy's Sweater Coat" and the birth of Peruvian Connection. When rumor had it that this icon might be part of the 40th Anniversary Collection, I eagerly awaited its premiere. I was blessed with an invitation to the premiere in October 2016 at the Kansas City Peruvian Connection Store with its fearless leader Mary Ann and her fabulous team! As I opened the door to the shop, the very first thing to meet my eye was "Biddy's Sweater Coat"! It literally took my breath away! It was magnificent! Then my eye caught Annie standing right behind it as she greeted me "Hello, Carol! Welcome!" Needless to say, I became the proud caretaker of a "Biddy Sweater Coat" that auspicious evening. Fast forward to December 9, 2016 . . . the Christmas Party of the Greater Kansas City Women's Political Caucus. I had been asked to join the Board of this amazing organization and the election of the new Board would be held that evening. When selecting what to wear that evening, there had only been one item strongly on my mind for several days . . . "Biddy's Sweater Coat". Having learned in my life that paying attention to my intuition is the way to go, I, of course, wore my new "Biddy's Sweater Coat". Upon my arrival, I was greeted with many compliments, as well as, threats to steal it if I took it off, and, as I always do, informed people of its Peruvian Connection origin. However, this evening, most replies were "How appropriate!". Not yet understanding what these meant, the evening progressed to the business at hand . . . the elections. One of the organization's long time leaders began the meeting by talking about some of the history of our organization and how we are so blessed to have had Biddy Hurlbut as a Founding Member and Benefactor! As I listened and took in this story, realizing what I was hearing and the significance, I fought back tears . . . grateful for the impact that these two women, Annie and Biddy, have had in my life and so many others around the World. (Another side note, Mary Lewis, Dr Jane Goodall's Executive Director, is a Peruvian Connection customer also - Mary Ann sent Mary Lewis a 40th Anniversary bag for Christmas!) That is the finale of this story . . . a story come full circle in my life because of Annie and Biddy! So, thank you, Annie Hurlbut, for listening to your intuition and that of your mother, Biddy, and following your dream thereby enriching the lives of so many of us! Happy 40th Anniversary! Always, Carol "
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