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Unsubscribe Error

There has been an error with the customer's unsubscribe.

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Handling Errors

All errors are passed in the QueryString of the error page URL (see screenshot below), with the following variables:

  • errorCode: Contains the numeric error code.
  • errorControl: Contains the name of the field that triggered the error.

Screenshot of example QueryString of the error page URL

Error Codes

The following table lists the possible error codes and their associated errorControl values, along with a description of each error.

Error Code Error Description Value Returned in errorControl
1, 6, 7, 9, and 10 An error has occurred while attempting to save your subscriber information. Blank.
2 The list provided does not exist. Blank.
3 Information was not provided for a mandatory field. The name of the required field that the subscriber did not complete.
4 Invalid information was provided. The name of the field in which the subscriber entered invalid data.
5 Information provided is not unique. The name of the field in which the subscriber entered data that duplicates data already in your database for that field.
8 Subscriber already exists. The list ID of the list to which the subscriber already belongs.
12 The subscriber you are attempting to insert is on the master unsubscribe list or the global unsubscribe list. The list ID of the unsubscribe list.
13 The List ID or MID isn't correct Check that the list ID and/or MID specified in your code is correct.
14 The query string contains ETsubscriberKey and the Subscriber Key feature is not enabled on your account. The name of the field.
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