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"This is still one of the businesses where people can get both style and quality. I have sweaters I bought from you 20+ years ago and many of them still look like new. (I should send you some photos!) I like that your items span both "in style" but also "classic." Offering pieces that will not necessarily look like "last year's style" after one season really gives those pieces added value. There are lots of ways to make a timeless garment look trendy by adding accessories and by coordinating other clothing, so KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING in providing enough of the high quality basics that we can enjoy for years to come."

Peggy from San Francisco Area, April 2015

"The quality of their fabrics have always been pleasing to me."

SB from Santa Barbara, CA, April 2015

"Over the years, Peruvian Connection is still the first place I go to when looking for a new dress or sweater."

lmb from San Deigo, CA, March 2015

"I love the unique styles and great fabrics that Peruvian Collection offer."

Sammie from Appleton, WI, March 2015

"The quality of your fabrics and unique designs are irresistible. Department stores cannot satisfy my artsy, creative taste."

Elizabeth from SF Bay Area, March 2015

"QUALITY products consistently - edgy, bohemian pieces and stylish. Most of your styles look good/appropriate on younger and older gals."

P.J. from California, March 2015

"Quality! Styles that are out of the ordinary. I don't buy a lot because your clothing is primarily for regular sizes and I'm a petite (hint). I appreciate the sizing information you give in the catalogs, e.g., semi-fitted, relaxed, etc. plus the length. I also love the natural fibers that you use in your garments. I purchased the Mandala sweater as a Chanukah gift to me and it's as soft as cashmere and, with all the colors in it, I can wear it with many of my slacks and tops."

Steph from Berkeley, CA, March 2015

"My rating of 10 reflects how satisfied I am with Peruvian Connection's traditional turtlenecks."

Northern Climate Turtleneck Lover from Wisconsin, March 2015

"I'm a long time customer. Love your beautiful, high quality, timeless garments. (Wish I had a bigger budget). I get so many compliments. Recommend/refer you all the time. Thank you!"

Wendylynn from California, March 2015

"I get so many compliments on the clothes I get from PC, I can't begin to count the number of people I've recommended."

hartfarm from the Midwest, March 2015

"I have been shopping at PC for years and love to find clothing I don't see elsewhere. The Ikat Pants will be one of my few returns."

LF from Bothell, WA, March 2015

"Quality of items. I always worry about buying clothes on line and since this is my first purchase I did not know what to expect. Now I can see I worried for nothing. Thank you, PC."

QnBee from Harrisburg, PA, March 2015

"I always recommend PC. I buy many items each year. The quality is wonderful, and the variety/uniqueness is superb. I would be lost without it! Keep up the excellent work!"

Bobbier from Upstate New York, February 2015

"I love natural fibers. Items are unique and classic (not fashion items to be disposable but to be cherished for a lifetime). Love the traditional Peruvian and Southwestern inspired designs. Items are extremely well made and made me proud to wear and own."

M in V from Victoria, BC, February 2015

"I never fail to receive many compliments on the clothes I wear. The clothes are unique and well made. I still have dresses that I purchased 10 years ago. I also still receive compliments on those dresses now. I appreciate each and every item I have collected through the years. Thank you PC!"

JB from South Carolina, February 2015

"Great quality clothing, wonderful fabrics and styles. It's my go-to place to shop. It's just about the only place I shop these days, especially for dresses."

Foxhat from San Francisco, February 2015

"Quality, timeless clothes! LOVE EVERY PURCHASE!"

Mountain Mom from Boulder, CO, February 2015

"Your collection is artistic and romantic with an outdoor appeal. The fabrics are wonderful and it shows in the pictures! My sister raises alpacas and I love the fiber blends."

musician, February 2015

"Lovely, artisan clothes made with fine pima or alpaca fibers. Very artistic unique pieces that are heirloom quality collectibles. I sometimes have to wait for sale prices but it is worth it. So far I have only had very positive customer service!"

Javajo from Annapolis, MD, February 2015

"Quality, travel ready, unique--no one has the style that PC does. My number 1 clothier, with 21 years of purchases, the vast majority of which I still wear."

jlf from San Diego, CA, February 2015

"The short answer: PC clothing is beautiful, unique, and well-made, yet practical, versatile, and timeless."

Urban Chic from Dallas, TX, February 2015

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