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Customer Comments

Read what people are saying about our service, quality and design.
"Great pieces to integrate with the other pieces in my wardrobe to create a unique eclectic ensemble."

Morgan2 from Los Angeles, CA, February 2017

"The designs are beautiful and feminine, the materials used are usually natural fibers and the quality is very good. I have also read in the past that Peruvian Connection is a company started and owned by a mother/daughter team."

Northwest Lady from Pacific Northwest, February 2017

"I love that I can buy a sweater that will last year after year. I feel like I am really getting my money's worth."

hotdog from Ipswich, MA, February 2017

"High quality clothing at its best! No issue returns and clothes fit well. I like to wear clothes other people have never seen and Peruvian's original designs make that possible!"

Bopie from Boerne, TX, February 2017

"Some wonderful pieces in great fabrics"

Gigi from Orange County, CA, February 2017

"I tell people all the time to go to your website."

LovePeruvian from Dallas, TX, February 2017

"Beautiful tailoring. Style."

Edwina February 2017

"PC has kept the same quality, stylish, wearable clothes since it started. Kudos!"

Doglover from Mid-Atlantic Eastern Seaboard, February 2017

"I love artistic, well made, clothing."

happy58 from New York, February 2017

"Love the artsy clothes and quality."

Belladame from Wyoming, February 2017

"I can't remember when I discovered this wonderful store but it was many years ago. They continue to produce such beautiful clothing that is so unusual. I am so happy they are celebrating 40 years and hope they are around for many more!"

Bobbie Ann from Morton Grove, IL, February 2017

"I love the unique designs and the beautiful fabrics."

Magoo from Dearborn, MI, January 2017

"Good quality construction, textiles, customer service, return/exchange policy. Prices are sometimes a bit high. But sales are within better range."

CoachKersey from Cleveland, OH, January 2017

"Your website is easy to navigate and your clothing line offers something for everyone. Please add bootcut jeans to your clothing line for those of us that do not like the skinny jean look. Thanks!"

comfortperson from Cumberland, VA, January 2017

"I have always admired and appreciated PC's focus on unique design, superb execution, and excellent customer service. It has pretty much spoiled me for anything else!"

Urban Chic January 2017

"I have been buying from you for at least 15 years and everything I buy is well made and artistically divine and your clothes are the finest! The only reason I wouldn't recommend you is then my friends would have the same great looks and I like to look original!"

Gemquality48 from Monterey, CA, January 2017

"Quality is tops and just unbelievable. I've phoned in a few questions and they have been well answered with courtesy. I truly have been overjoyed with all my purchases."

MIgirl from Indiana, January 2017

"Quality, uniqueness and selection of colours, patterns, and fabrics is like no other. It is important to me to support local craftsman which Peruvian Connection does as much as I think you can."

Chelsea from Victoria, British Columbia, January 2017

"The service is as wonderful as the clothes are beautiful. I have been shopping with Peruvian Connection since I first bought the Biddiy coat many years ago."

PKPERU from Rockville, MD, January 2017

"I love the breadth of textiles represented from all over the world. And the fact that you name the pieces after their places of origin. I pay attention to where in the world the designs originate from--Laos, Kazakhstan, Iran/Persia, India, countries in Africa... the representation of textile traditions from all over the world and the attention to quality are what attract me to PC."

Charlottean from Charlotte, NC, January 2017

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