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Customer Comments

Read what people are saying about our service, quality and design.
"Over-all, I am very pleased, with my purchases. I enjoy watching the videos and I am especially happy with the service."

Girlie April 2017

"Lovely, well-made, comfortable, different styles."

Olive Ginger from Arizona, April 2017

"Interesting design, flattering fit, comfortable."

jld from San Diego, CA, April 2017

"Very different, finely made products that are pleasing to the eye."

Boobird1 from New York, NY, April 2017

"Wonderful fabrics. Beautiful design. Great quality."

Catlady from Lakeland, TN, April 2017

"Every woman is unique. So, ladies, this is one of a kind line of clothing. If you do not want to have a 'mass-produced' look, shop here!"

Tadpole from Oklahoma City, OK, April 2017

"Beautiful designs and quality construction. Helpful services. The shops are a treat to visit, too."

Little Nor April 2017

"Like natural fibers which PC have a good selection; love their prints (they are like art work) and customer service is first quality"

Daisy from Illinois, April 2017

"I've been ordering from Peruvian Connection for decades now. Prices seem fair if a little high at times, but the hand knit pieces are exceptional! I've found that the quality of the clothes is consistently very good. It's hard to give up good quality when you find it. Each year I tell myself I'll order less and each year I order more than the year before. I can't kick the habit."

Jane March 2017

"Beautiful designs not found anywhere else. Luxurious fabrics, too."

atkinsia from Oxnard, CA, March 2017

"Ever since I bought my first Peruvian Connection sweater I have been in love with your clothes. The material is exquisite and the design is quietly elegant."

Magic Liz from Fairbanks, AK, March 2017

"Great products. Great service. You know how to fit a woman's body even curvy middle-aged ones. THANK YOU!"

Lmk from California, March 2017

"Very unique items that make a statement along with high quality fabrics."

MN from Minnesota, March 2017

"Seconds looks on everything I purchase. Very original designs and fabrics. Great quality and no issues on returns."

Bopie from San Antonio, TX, March 2017

"When I wear a Peruvian Connection garment I know I'm not going to see myself walking down the street! PC clothes are beautiful and different...What's not to like?!"

Marnie from Colorado Springs, CO, March 2017

"It has those special pieces that you can get for those special occasions. I have been a customer for years and have found out the hard way that if you take care of these pieces of art, most of them will last for years and years and still will be in fashion."

Cher from Atlanta, GA, March 2017

"Great fabrics and casual but updated design."

Pat from Sebastopol, CA, March 2017

"I have been buying PC for decades and all the colors go with each other! Your fit has remained consistant all along. The quality is excellent. All of my best clothes came from PC."

A Longtime Customer from Hudson Valley, NY, March 2017

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