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Customer Comments

Read what people are saying about our service, quality and design.
"Quality clothing with a unique look. Classics that are worth every penny."

Sausalito 66 from Sausalito, CA, December 2016

"Interesting, well-made garments that are conversational pieces...."

Michaela from Washington, DC, December 2016

"You have a vast collection, truly one of a kind. Love that I will not see myself coming & going in your clothing."

NJ ARTEMIS from New Jersey, December 2016

"Unique items at reasonable fair trade prices, and generous sales."

clakland from Alaska, December 2016

"Highest quality and best style for everyone."

Tamara formerly from Tonganoxie from San Diego, CA, December 2016

"My favorite clothier. Good sales and shipping freebies."

luxury loves comfort from Louisville, KY, December 2016

"Beautiful products that I usually get complimented on."

BoJo from Houston, TX, December 2016

"The attention to the excellent quality of fabric you chose compliments your ability to create the right piece of clothing that is unique and classic."

Bree from Boulder, CO, December 2016

"Because they use the best material, beautiful design from many countries which are art and beautifully done in the dresses, tops, cardigans et al. very unique, outstanding!"

beth from the Southwest, December 2016

"Beautiful clothing. Top quality garments, service and packing. Love all my purchases."

DebDia from Bowling Green, KY, November 2016

"Quality materials and workmanship, beautiful, rich colors, unique styles."

Caligal from Southern California, November 2016

"Smart, stylish clothing that is as comfortable as it is durable."

Doll from Raleigh, NC, November 2016

"Have worn and loved your clothes for decades!"

UtahGeo from the Rocky Mountains, November 2016

"Gorgeous unique fabrics not seen anywhere else. Love the long lengths in skirts and dresses. The designs are well put together."

Knitwit from Central Michigan, November 2016

"Great quality with affordable price, great customer service."

acorn November 2016

"PC's clothes are fabulous—very unique and excellent quality."

MWM from Seattle, WA, November 2016

"Products are quality, beautiful and classy. It reminds me that you can still dress like a lady amid all of today's varied styles."

winkie from New Orleans, LA, November 2016

"Timeless, high quality garments."

Michaela from Washington, DC, November 2016

"Love the natural fibers, great quality. Most important is the style. Uber cool. Love everything! More alpaca! Miss the vicuna dresses and shawls in natural or white. Thank you for your time."

Mak from Washington, November 2016

"Quality and service rarely found anywhere else."

Little Red Hen from Princeton, NJ, November 2016

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