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"Wonderfully packaged boxes. I appericate your attention to detail."

jbergero from Omaha, NE, July 2016

"All of the clothes that I have purchased have been very high quality, well styled and long lasting."

CW san diego from San Diego, July 2016

"I love and get many compliments on almost everything I buy from PC."

SheLuvsNiceStuff from California, July 2016

"Very high quality clothing that is in natural fibres with unusual ethnic designs. I get lots of compliments when I wear your unique clothes."

UN Peacekeeper Mom from New York, NY & Kabul, Afghanistan, July 2016

"Top quality, very cooperative staff - also easy to reach by phone if questions. The one return I had to make was handled beautifully with no argument or hassle. I am a committed customer of PC."

Alyce from California, July 2016

"It is ALWAYS the store or on line. Beautiful textiles and interesting styles. I have always been a devoted fan. Please, consider adding waist info to your pants/slacks listings."

bleuscout from KY, July 2016

"Good value, good quality, wonderful fabrics."

finconco from Wilmington, NC, July 2016

"The use of tribal design and European cuts provide a unique dressy style for a well traveled woman. The basics belong in every closet to adorn with your coverings and accessories. I modeled in the 60's and 70's - and still draw 2nd glances and complements dressed in your clothes. You should try me in a shoot."

Zhada from Southern California, June 2016

"Best and most unique women's clothing online at an affordable price. The clothing IS an investment well worth the money. I have shopped the Connection for years."

Jan MT from Montana, June 2016

"PC has well made, quality items that are unique. Some are wearable-art made of natural fibers that I love to wear (synthetics can bother my skin). Expensive but items can be treasures to enjoy for decades. They are antidotes in the closet for fashion and the toss away society. Thank you."

M in VBC from Victoria BC, June 2016

"All the usual reasons: Quality, style, gorgeous fabrics and a color palette that makes mixing and matching a breeze."

Mary in Montana from High Plains, Rocky Mountain West, June 2016

"The clothing is not run of the mill in style and design. Very artsey and creative."

Gem82 from Virginia, June 2016

"I love the unique designs of PC....the quality if great, and I feel like a million bucks when I wear your clothes. At age 61, but feeling a decade younger, I love that I can find lovely clothes and feel somewhat ageless with these fabulous pieces."

PCFan from West Coast, June 2016

"I love your classic, yet feminine and unique pieces. The prices tend to be high, but the unique pieces are typically worth it. My favorite piece from you is the green leather trench coat I bought 3 years ago. I get stopped every time I wear it! But it is light-weight, as in not lined, and it's the rare climate that it suits. But in California, it's workable."

Southern Writer from Malibu, CA, June 2016

"Wonderful products, good price point for the quality, terrific customer service!"

Denise0730 from Claremont, CA, June 2016

"Generally speaking, Peruvian Connection provides unusual apparel made from high-quality fabrics. Love this company! Keep up the great work!!"

Northern Light from Northern NY State, June 2016

"Excellent products & service"

Stella from Seattle, June 2016

"very high quality clothing that is in natural fibres with unusual ethnic designs. I get lots of compliments when I wear your unique clothes."

Textile Fan from Northeast, June 2016

"Impeccable packing of the garments when they are mailed out, great service, beautiful clothes, versatile and huge selection of women's apparel, great sales and much more. I am addicted."

gorgeous ink blue color from Michigan, June 2016

"I am very attracted to beautiful things and your clothes are the most beautiful things I have ever seen."

Unique from Michigan, June 2016

"I have many pieces from PC, and all have been beautiful quality and the fit is very consistent. I can always know what size to order."

JJC from Santa Monica, CA, June 2016

"Easy website; fast shipping; quality of item, and fast credit on return - I ordered two sizes.Thanks!"

Nerakt from Cali, June 2016

"well made and designed top quality clothes."

chloe from Miami Florida, June 2016

"After a few years shopping Peruvian, I have rarely been disappointed. I also count on the reviews when I'm not sure about a purchase."

LadyJane from Boston MA, June 2016

"Nice quality. Different clothes accessories than you find in a mall. Good selection."

kata29 from NJ, June 2016

"Great products that are very distinct."

Tamale from Central NY, June 2016

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