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"The quality of your product is without compare. You always have unique and interesting looks. Thank you so much!! I am a big-time fan!!!"

Buffy from VA, September 2015

"Beautiful designs, boho chic style, high quality fabrics, wonderful selection."

BlackFlamenco from Pittsburgh, PA, September 2015

"Peruvian Connection offers the finest ladies attire season after season. I am truly amazed of the continuous quality and beauty offered. It's the Mercedes of clothing!!! Peruvian Connection is my all-time favorite - ever!!!"

LadyLike from Manassas, VA, September 2015

"I love P. C. I buy from you all the time. You have wonderful pieces that are unique, well-made and reasonably priced. Keep up the great work!"

Bobbier from Upstate NY, September 2015

"I have never been disappointed with anything I've ordered. I associate your name with quality and satisfaction."

BritMyst from Tennessee, September 2015

"People ask me where my clothes come from and so I'm recommending PC all the time."

Hilda's Mom from Richardson, TX, September 2015

"Unique designs, high quality fabrics, boho chic that a professional woman can wear comfortably."

BlackFlamenco from Pittsburgh, PA, September 2015

"These are gorgeous clothes that you will never find ANYWHERE else."

VishnuRocks from NJ, September 2015

"Quality, completely unique styles, fabrics, weaves and interpretations of ethnic designs. Thank you!"

Snofreak from Salt Lake City, UT, September 2015

"Customer service is always so very nice and knowledgeable."

munchkin from Eastern TN, September 2015

"My Mother bought from Peruvian and I still get her sweaters here (she is 94) and the value has always been great! Love the skirts, too!"

dblues from Washington, DC, August 2015

"Gorgeous boho chic, fine fabrics, well-made, unusual clothes."

BlackFlamenco from Pittsburgh, PA, August 2015

"Highest quality piece of wearable art"

Atacama August 2015

"Quality, style and the finest customer service."

Cygnet from Atlanta, GA, August 2015

"High quality, unique, timeless clothing and accessories that support cottage industries."

The Green People from Kansas City, August 2015

"Gorgeous, unique, bohemian style clothing in beautiful, durable fabrics."

BlackFlamenco from Pittsburgh, PA, August 2015

"Many quality artisan items and good customer service. I don't have a store near me so have to order online and try on at home. PC is very understanding about returns and trying again. I watch for sales of course as these clothes are generally an investment in artist style and heirloom quality."

JavaJo from Annapolis, MD, April 2015

"I've been buying PC clothes for 10 years, began shopping at 1st Kansas City location. We've bought PC clothes for daughter-in-law as well. Staff are always outstanding and excited about PC clothes. You also won our granddaughter's heart at age 3. Staff are the best I've ever worked with, thanks!"

Oklahoma Gal from OK, August 2015

"I have several pieces from Peruvian. I always get compliments. Everyone loves my boots."

Sheila from Chicago, IL, August 2015

"Everything I have purchased from Peruvian Connection had been a true delight to wear, the quality and design keeps me coming back. Receive many compliments too!!"

Leslie from Arden, NC, August 2015

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