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"The clothes are so unique in style and patterns."

Suzanne from New York City, September 2016

"The clothes are all so interesting and creative. The fabrics are beautiful. Also very flattering in most styles."

mitzi from Virgina, September 2016

"Beautiful clothes that are well-made and, quite often, very unique."

Dora September 2016

"Great quality for the price, great fit and easy care!"

artgirl from Boston, September 2016

"Eclectic catalog of beautiful clothes and accessories supporting artisans and providing a feminine goddess-look that suits my artistic & gypsy sensibilities. Also love supporting handicrafted and small businesses. Thank you Peruvian Connection."

joya from West Marin, CA, September 2016

"The clothes are different, and they are made of quality material."

nini from Ohio, August 2016

"Great styles. Clothes are in similar color palettes so it is easy to mix and match pieces."

Irene from New Hampshire, August 2016

"The designs are so unique."

Kea August 2016

"I like that PC uses natural materials, beautiful colors and good quality. Very happy with all my purchases."

Zara from Brussels, August 2016

"Peruvian Connection is my all-time favorite clothing store! I receive so many compliments! And I always feel good wearing Peruvian Connection clothes! The best!"

LadyLike from Manassas, VA, August 2016

"My fave store, bar none."

KatySantaFe from Santa Fe, NM, August 2016

"Peruvian is my favorite clothing company."

Frenchie from Kirkland, WA, August 2016

"Quality of fabric, design and colors are exciting."

jb from Michigan, August 2016

"Just my style. Perfect blend of sleek chic and casual/ethnic. Fashionable without screaming Artsy. Adult more sophisticated version of Sundance offerings. HIGH QUALITY OF YOUR MERCHANDISE. Love the fit of your clothes. Attention to details. I would buy everything in the catalogue if I could afford it."

JazzyJo from Urban East Coast, PA, August 2016

"Unique styles and comfortable fabrics make for very wearable art."

Chaco August 2016

"Class, variety, alpaca warmth, creativity."

luvalpaca from Chicago, IL, August 2016

"As I do not change size, I can "invest" in clothing that I have and wear for years. I appreciate the classic styles and unique fabrics PC offers. I am a fan."

angelsuz August 2016

"Excellent quality...you get what you pay for!"

Lissa from Canyon Lake, TX, August 2016

"Just stunning quality...very hard to find. Peruvian is my new best wardrobe go to."

Mainehappy from Kentucky, August 2016

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