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"Wonderful fabrics, colors, textures. I am almost always happy with my choices, and when I am not happy, the service is great. Keep up the excellent work! I am moving in about a year to the Denver area and would love to have a PC store there!"

Textile Fan, August 2017

"Happy with purchases / customer service."

MIgirl from Indiana, August 2017

"Unique clothing, largely natural fabrics, beautiful colors, great value for money."

Arkyjst from Alberta, Canada, August 2017

"It's wonderful! Unique, artisan designs and fabrics."

sexy grandma from Philadelphia, August 2017

"The coat arrived timely and packaged nicely. Was very happy with my purchase."

Jamilla from Maine, August 2017

"Quality products and service"

Loves to dance from Riverside, CA, August 2017

"Beautiful clothes every item is unique."

Savannah from Lenox, Ma, August 2017

"Quick delivery, great quality, super styles."

S.C. Gal from Near Charlotte, NC, August 2017

"Love the artisanal style of your clothing - there is a timelessness to the designs along with excellent quality."

Ronni, August 2017

"Great service, usually speedy delivery and easy to track but mainly styling and quality that is extraordinary."

Little Red Hen from Princeton, NJ, August 2017

"Unique designs, quality craftsmanship, awesome fabrics and excellent packaging. I feel like I get a present every time."

atkinsia from Oxnard, CA, August 2017

"Unique clothing, beautiful colors, global designs based on textiles."

Gardener from Santa Rosa, CA, August 2017

"Fabulous fabrics. I am a hand weaver so appreciate the fibers and construction."

Viburnam from Harrisburg, PA, August 2017

"uniqueness of style; quality of garments"

LongtimePCFan from PA, August 2017

"Quality products that are classic, fashionable and high quality."

AlaskaTreeFrog from Alaska, August 2017

"Dresses and tops are well designed and resilient to care and to wear."

Dr. Linda from Lake Forest, IL, August 2017

"Beautiful outfits, well made and very original designs."

Paula from Washington DC, August 2017

"I like the quality and love alpaca. I particularly have had great success with coats. The selection allows choice from dressy to sporty with a great new selection every season. Keep up the good work!"

Stella Bella from Cooperstown, NY, July 2017

"Unique styles. Great quality and value. Bohemian yet sophisticated. Just my style."

CLM from Las Vegas, July 2017

"Timeless styles, beautiful colors and patterns, amazing knits"

Twood from Washington state, July 2017

"Every purchase is a work of art, preserves and elevates weaving and sewing traditions and provides jobs in Peru."

Raja from New Jersey, July 2017

"I buy most of my clothes here, and rarely return. Everything is unique and out of the box and well-made."

Laurakay from Denver, CO, July 2017

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