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"Uniqueness. I march to my own drum and PC helps create that look."

jif from San Diego, CA, February 2015

"Love the versatile knits and textile belts."

jbergero from New Hampshire, February 2015

"Interesting pieces that incorporate just enough ethnic flair to stay in style across many years. Lots of pieces that remain classic."

island girl from Maui, HI, February 2015

"The clothes are all of such high quality!"

Mountain Mom from Boulder, CO, February 2015

"Gorgeous, unique, quality clothes and fair trade ethics."

BootMe from Pacific Northwest, February 2015

"Love the various motifs, patterns, and textiles used by PC."

jbergero from New Hampshire, February 2015

"Unique, extraordinarily beautiful and well-made merchandise; excellent customer service!"

Maxie from New York, NY, February 2015

"Quality and staying power. i keep everything ive ordered for the past maybe 20 years. the styles are classic."

pianopat from Fresno, February 2015

"The quality and the natural materials are what draw me. And now that I am getting a bit older I am allowing myself to pay more for quality clothing."

WindyChicago from Chicago, IL, February 2015

"Please keep the selections of 100% cotton clothing coming! You carry quality merchandise. Thank you!!"

Lilly from Houston, TX, February 2015

"PC offers many selections in pima cotton and some in silk. I have sensitivities to wool, and pretty much all synthetic fabrics, so I am grateful for the cotton and silk selections. Your customer service is top notch and the clothing is of excellent quality. Thank you!!"

Lilly from Houston, TX, February 2015

"Your products are of the highest quality and so is your customer service."

Lola from Upper Michigan, February 2015

"I am a university professor. It is a rare day I'm not wearing something PC, and tell you truly that every single time, every single day, I receive compliments from people of all ages. From my eighteen year old students to my colleagues, everyone loves my clothing! I have provided PC info. to entire classes, in department meetings, even to male colleagues who want to make purchases for their wives. Love you!"

Chasca from Wilmington, NC, February 2015

"Unusual and stunning textiles, ultra-high quality."

WalkingInStyle from Arizona, February 2015

"Exquisite fabrics re. color, texture, weight! Always visit the Santa Fe outlet on my annual trip to New Mexico."

Arkyjst from Alberta, Canada, February 2015

"Really nice clothes, worth the money. Last a long time and look great."

World traveler, January 2015

"Never been disappointed in any purchase. Love the clothes. Very good quality."

Teri, January 2015

"Best clothing company ever!!! Reasonably priced, great quality, most items NOT made in china! Unique and slightly bohemian style, while still classy and professional. I'm a doctor and professor who needs to look professional, but I have a slightly bohemian sense of style, and PC is my go-to for all my statement pieces!"

Shakti77 from Santa Monica, CA, January 2015

"Quality of your products, they last forever. Unique style, something that you can't find anywhere else."

Xscape from Texas, January 2015

"Love the individual style provided by PC. I get compliments from everything I purchase."

coopweb from Tucson, AZ, January 2015

"I have often recommended PC to friends and coworkers after they compliment something I got from there. Some have gone on to buy things they are happy with and thanked me for the referral."

Midcentury Modern Gal from San Jose, CA, January 2015

"High quality merchandise, user-friendly website, excellent service!"

Jules in Lancaster from Lancaster, PA, January 2015

"The fabrics, quality and tailoring is very good. i have pieces 15-20 years old and still wear them and get compliments. While not inexpensive i think the prices are in line with the quality."

Cyd from Oregon, January 2015

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