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Pro Mujer empowers Peruvian women through economic independence.
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We're happy to share our success with organizations devoted to improving and enriching lives through better healthcare, education and the fostering of economic independence.
Pro Mujer helps Peruvian women to help themselves.

For over 35 years, Peruvian Connection has supported a number of organizations whose philosophy coincides with ours: respect for other cultures, the fostering of artisan traditions, and ecological and economical sustainability.

One of these outstanding organizations is Pro Mujer. Dedicated to providing Latin America’s poorest women with the means to provide livelihood and futures for their families, Pro Mujer assists these women by giving them access to micro-loans, business training and healthcare support.

A staggering 70% of Peruvian women work in precarious conditions, with low incomes and without access to social benefits. Because of this, operating a small business is often a woman’s best means of supporting a family. These women are willing to invest the long hours necessary to operate and grow their businesses, but without capital or training, their enterprises have very little chance of survival, let alone growth. Since 1999, Pro Mujer in Peru has been helping Peruvian women to rise above the poverty line by

offering them access to micro-loans, basic business training and affordable healthcare services.

Pro Mujer clients begin by forming a group and then taking a week of training to learn about starting and developing a business. By the week’s end, they elect a board and choose a name for themselves. They advance to a higher loan level after repaying the smaller loans. Weekly savings are mandatory, as are installments on repaying the loan. Each woman is engaged in what can be called a “micro-business,” like selling homemade food at a market stand, or selling handicrafts or household goods. By providing financial credit for income producing-activities in conjunction with education on running a business, family planning and healthcare, Pro Mujer helps these women to develop a sense of empowerment and dignity—qualities which will enable them to improve their small businesses and provide more financially secure futures for their families. Today, Pro Mujer serves more than 260,000 clients, and reaches approximately 1,000,000 of their children and family members in Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru.

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