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Kaffe Fassett Designs (January 2010)
Kaffe Fassett’s extraordinary vision is in his sense of color. Through his books, among them Glorious Color, his spirited designs have been a source of inspiration to handknitters, quilters, and needlework artists around the world ...
Christmas in Peru (December 2009)
When people in the Northern Hemisphere think of Christmas, images of snowfall, pine trees, holly and snuggling indoors by a roaring fire may spring to mind. But in Peru, the holiday falls during the start of their summer season ...
Pro Mujer: Helping Peruvian Women to Help Themselves (May 2009)
Over the last 31 years, Peruvian Connection has supported organizations whose philosophy coincides with ours: respect for other cultures, the fostering of artisan traditions, and ecological and ...
The Art of Mosaic (October 2008)
Mosaic is an art form which uses pieces of materials placed together to create a pattern. These materials (known as tessera) can be made up of small tiles or fragments of pottery, glass, marble, pebbles, shells, mirror or china ...
Turkish Rugs: Mystical and Magnificent (February 2008)
Oriental rug design and weaving represents one of the world’s oldest and richest textile traditions. Its artistry and enduring beauty has been the subject of admiration and inspiration for hundreds of years...
Feliz Navidad: Christmas in Mexico (December 2007)
We have just returned from shooting the upcoming first ever SUMMER catalogue in Oaxaca, Mexico, and we were struck with the sights and sounds of Mexican Christmas festivities...
Living in Harmony: Casa Ecologica (November 2007)
Casa Ecologica (CE) was established in Cusco, Peru to create ecological awareness and sustainable development alternatives within the indigenous communities of the Andes...
The Witches' Market of La Paz, Bolivia (October 2007)
Halloween approaches, and as our thoughts turn to magic, spells and candy corn, this is the perfect time to describe La Paz's exotic Witches' Market, found in the northern part of the city center...
Traditional Textiles of Cusco (September 2007)
The Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco was established in 1996 as a non-profit organization aiming to revive and preserve Incan textile traditions and to provide support for the regional weaving communities...
Pro Mujer: Update (August 2007)
We are committed to sharing our success with the people of Peru by supporting [Pro Mujer]. With your help, Peruvian Connection has just funded a mobile health unit van to provide care for Pro-Mujer clients and their families in rural southern Peru...
Machu Picchu (June 2007)
Machu Picchu (Quechua Indian for ("Old Peak") is a pre-Columbian city built for the Inca ruler, Pachacuti. Situated at 8,000 ft on a mountain ridge overlooking the Urubamba Valley of Peru...
Pro Mujer: Empowering Peruvian Women Through Economic Independence (May 2007)
Over the last 30 years, Peruvian Connection has supported a number of organizations whose philosophy coincides with ours: respect for other cultures, the fostering of artisan traditions, and ecological and economical sustainability...

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